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Retailers NEED to start thinking like customers

I feel like I’m working in two different worlds, and that eventually they’ll collide. Most of my career has been spent working in, and with, established retail and CPG companies. However, recently I’ve spent a lot of time with a second group. These are startups and tech companies that provide a view of what retail […]

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The Internet 2.0: Blockchain

For those of you not familiar with it, blockchain is a technology that some say will enable the next generation of the internet, The Internet of Value.

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Retailers, You Should Pay Attention To Drones

Until recently, I wondered if the attention on drones was more hype than substance. Are we really going to have a bunch of flying machines buzzing around above us delivering packages?

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3 Powerful Ways For Retailers To Innovate Like A Start Up

I was recently speaking with a retail CEO who was grappling with how to make the company more innovative using technology. Like many retailers, they’re dealing with old systems and lack of scale. The challenge is clear, but based on my experience working with start ups I also see large opportunities.

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