A Case Study On

Critical Projects


A multi-billion dollar company underwent a major food safety crisis leading to multiple fatalities and a large-scale, highly public recall.


Brought in by the CEO to partner with the new Chief Food Safety Officer (CSO) to develop a food safety strategy and implementation plan. This included:

  • Establishing a strong partnership with the CSO, enabling him to contribute his expertise and guidance to the project while managing the ongoing crisis
  • Leading a cross-functional team with representatives from key functions to:
    • Identify and rank different types of food safety risks and to assess the company‚Äôs entire product portfolio from a risk perspective
    • Develop an integrated plan to address the risks, which included changes to ingredients and manufacturing and supply chain processes
    • Develop an implementation plan, which had implications for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Finance
  • Ensuring alignment from the executive team and key stakeholders through regular reviews and check-ins to ensure effective change management

The Results

The strategy and implementation plan was approved by the executive team and the board. There was buy-in across functions, with clear next steps and assignment of accountabilities. The plan was successfully implemented.


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