A Case Study On

Rapid Response

This case study is an amalgamation of multiple projects


An executive was under pressure to address an over-run in a multi-million dollar budget line item. He’d been asking for clarity on the issues for months without success. He needed answers but didn’t have time to dig in to figure it out.


Brought in by the executive to quickly assess the situation, identify causes and next steps. This included:

  • Assessing the situation over the course of a few days, including meeting with key stakeholders (internal and external) and analyzing the financials
  • Identifying the key causes of the over-run and issues needing resolution, including those driven by:
    • Inter-departmental issues
    • Operating policies
    • Supplier agreements
  • Summarizing the findings, options and recommendations in an easy-to-understand document

The Results

Client presented the findings, along with recommendations, to the executive team. The plan was approved and successfully implemented.


Based in Toronto, serving clients globally.



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